Random thing here but yeah, I might start a story O:!

You are lying there, with your eyes shut, your feel warm though, and like your floating, you then slowly lift your head and start to open your eyes, you can’t really make out anything, it appear like this dream or void place is pitch black. But somehow you continue to fall, then you see someones arm appear behind you, like their trying to help or just plainly grab you, but you cannot move your arms or any muscles in your body, so the figure grabs you and pulls you towards a warm bright white light, you feel somewhat safer now, but your sight goes all blurry.
Then you open your eyes once again, you see some place, like a forest, but it appears to be completely monochrome there. Around the area you see the figure, but they appear a dark shade now, as they approach you slowly, you realize their a young looking lost girl. She seems normal right now, but how can she be if you saved you from that void? It could be possible she’s immortal, but you wouldn’t dare to find out would you? Maybe but before you could even think of a way to ask, you hear this voice, it sounds somewhat calming yet it chills your very spine and touches your soul.

You then proceed to move towards the figure, at first she seemed normal, but how can she move and see? Her eyes, they’re shut and she doesn’t have any walking stick either, could her senses be that good? No. You can sense, tell, feel and you know she’s not human. But what’s this? she’s walking off to some water, it looks like a lake, as she goes towards it the light was reflected off the water onto her, you could see, she was thin, like she’d not eaten, pale, long black hair, she was wearing a white long piece of cloth that looked like a long thing wedding dress, but ripped at parts. You wonder as you still look at the figure light up, as she stands in near the ledge of the water, you could see behind her a giant big white moon, as she went deeper into the lake, you see something like wings on her back, but you can’t quiet see it, you go to take a step forward but then she would kneel into the lake, and then lay on her back, the next thing you know she’s already in the center of the lake, You couldn’t possibly swim to her in this atmosphere, believe it or not, the wind is blowing the trees yet you feel a slight warmth deep down, but you then realize she looks different, she looks, calm and like a pale white doll, just floating there.. Then you lift your feet finally, but, as you make your first step you seem to not be getting closer to her, it’s like there’s a mirror or a glass between you and her, can you get through it? Can you talk? Do you think you can speak to her? Will your voice let you? You’ll never known, for this time being..

I’ll continue it later on.
:D. What do you think for so far?

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[I totally never stole this from my bitch Ulica, Nope.]
My random day today. <3 [Yesterday for me now.]

I just watch 3-4 Movies in one!

1, “The girl that leapt though the time.
2, “The Cat returns.
3, “Voices of a distant star.
4, “Tekken: Blood Vengeance.

Time consuming but worth it! I recommend you guys go watch most of them! Be warned this once from me, there are rude parts mainly on Tekken. But yeah, totally worth it! And now, I am shattered, again, not getting enough sleep nowadays, tsk tsk, oh wells. And yes, my art sucks, so what. xD.

Random Stuff Lovelies!
So, I was in town this week, more or less with my mother and a few family members, we're all sat at the tablet, with it being near Christmas, my little sister had a Santa cake with this small Santa ring on it. So this then happens.
Mother: "Ellie, ask Santa have you been a good girl!"
Ellie: "Santa says I have! What about you Nanny?" She'd turn and look at her, holding the ring up.
She'd just nod, then Ellie looked at my youngest brother, "Have you?" He just sat there with a cheeky grin not replying. Then, my mother turns and looks at me.
Mother: "Have you been good Yuu?"
Me: "Have I been good..? I've danced with the devil!" and then everyone ended up laughing hard enough that they become full that they cannot eat anymore. Joy.
Nereus belongs to Riolu19054, Star or Chocolatewoosh on Tumblr.I own Huawei and Yumiko.
YES. Randomness.

Nereus belongs to Riolu19054, Star or Chocolatewoosh on Tumblr.
I own Huawei and Yumiko.

YES. Randomness.

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HELLO THERE! What's up? :>


Yumiko and Nereus again, Baww see, Highbloods do care and look after each other. &lt;33~

Yumiko and Nereus again, Baww see, Highbloods do care and look after each other. <33~